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Program Director - Jason Dawe, former NHL'er


Jason Dawe


Jason spent 12 years in the pros, including 5 years with the Buffalo Sabres, and also Montreal, New York Rangers, New York Islanders

  It is with great pride that we offer our exceptional training and development to our young players.  We are committed to providing an excellent learning environment for all of our players that are involved in our program.  Our experienced coaching staff provides a positive, enjoyable hockey opportunity that will allow players to develop a passion for the game. All coaching staff members are guided by the values of good sportsmanship both on and off the ice, honesty, respect for all individuals and personal integrity. We are very confident in saying that 43 Hockey Prospects is one of the best overall player skill development to be involved with and has the best summer camp curriculum around. During our years of experience, we have had many successes which included players from our program being drafted to the NHL, offered NCAA and Prep School scholarships and have been recruited to play in some some of the top junior leagues in the USA and Canada. The backgrounds of our coaching staff includes both playing and coaching hockey at elite levels and this enables us to provide a very valuable learning opportunity for your child.  Not only will we teach them this great team game, but we will also instill the hard work mentality both on and off the ice that they will need to be successful.  Previous players have gained a great deal of skill and personal confidence both on and off ice from our program.  

We hope that you will give our coaching staff the privilege of working with your child

43 Hockey Prospects



"We Know Player Development"


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